Good Friday

You will never read about a Good Friday Worship in the Bible. Though believers in many churches, including Vandover Baptist, gather to reflect on events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. During this time of worship, we read scripture related to the suffering of Jesus. and remember.  We are reminded of the extent our Heavenly Father would go to forgive our all out rebellion against Him. It humbles us that Jesus had to suffer so much for us.  It still drives me to my knees when I reflect on Jesus death that brought me into a life changing relationship with God.


Since we live 2000 years from the time of Jesus death, the feelings we have at our Good Friday worship is nothing like the emotional toll that Jesus death took on His Apostles and followers. We seek to identify with the Jesus and His followers on Good Friday but we know that Jesus already rose victoriously from His tomb and conquered death.  We live in the power of the resurrection everyday.  I pause to reflect on Good Friday because of the change that Jesus resurrection has made in my life.


Make time this week to attend a Good Friday Worship and reflect on Jesus love for you.  On Easter Sunday attend a Sunrise Worship or an Easter Celebration and add your joy in celebrating the risen Christ just like the believers did when they discovered that, “He Is Alive” on that first resurrection morning.